fun & friendly personal training that will spark your love of fitness


Welcome to Laura Pagliaro Personal Training! Having grown up in a strict training environment full of strong male role models I understood, even as a young teenager, that we can push ourselves beyond the limits of the invisible barriers we put up. The words of my Muay Thai coach “there is no such thing as I can’t” still ring in my ears today even when faced with the hardest most gruelling task.

From this I have learned that breaking down the limits we set ourselves is hard and painful, but from that pain comes great progress. I also learned that smiling and laughter is a fantastic pain killer.



Do you find yourself lacking focus, motivation or time for a training routine that suits your needs? I use my experience and expertise in training, nutrition and behaviour change to enable individual clients to access a package of training tailored specifically to you.


LPBOXFIT LADIES only boxing classes

LPBoxfit is boxing style training using real boxing techniques in a high intensity, fun fitness and conditioning class. The class is suitable for all fitness levels - expect to be pushed no matter what your experience. Get super fit using boxing pad work as well as a mixture of HIIT training and circuit training

I cannot imagine a life without pizza, boxing, Nike trainers and laughing so much my tummy hurts

ladies only small group training.

Is the idea of having one-one personal training a little daunting? Do you like to have a training buddy to help motivate you? If so, my small group training might be just the thing you need to add a fantastic new challenge to your fitness regime. I offer 10 week small group training programmes for up to four lovely ladies at a time.

They feature access to unlimited LPBoxfit classes, personal training sessions, nutritional advice and guidance, bio-signature assessments to track progress, a recipe book, whatsapp group and consultation process. They offer a supportive environment in which ladies have the space to feel empowered to become fitter, stronger, more healthy and unstoppable!

The next group starts on 26th March 2018. Are you interested? If so, contact me – I would love to hear from you!